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Textbook requirementTracing the Story of God in the Bible is the only module in the COS Online program requiring a textbook. Click here for information about this book.

Course of Study Online Commitment To Excellence Since 2001 NNU has been developing the Course Of Study Online program in close cooperation and consultation with the Clergy Development Office in Kansas City. Through this process we have gained significant insight into the most effective, pedagogically sound manner of presenting the modules online. We have adapted the program to meet the needs of the students while maintaining the integrity of the modules and the vision of Clergy Development for their implementation. Our experienced and effective teachers give you a full 12 weeks of instruction in an enriched format to which you are accustomed as you prepare yourself for effective ministry. All of our modules have been adapted for presentation on the most modern online software available today, Angel. Every module has been adapted for online instruction by our full time university staff of professionals and is facilitated by a pastor/teacher who holds at least a Master's degree. We continually review and upgrade the program as necessary to improve our presentation and reflect the best practices of online education. We look forward to helping you reach your ministry goals with the best possible COS Online instructional program.