Online Application / Course Registration



  • If you are new to the NNU Course of Study program, OR did not complete a course in the Summer 2015 semester, complete the application/registration form and submit it. Please refer to the "Getting Started" page for more information on this process.
  • If you completed a course in the Summer 2015 semester, you DO NOT need to complete the application/registration. Please go to the NNU Portal and register for your course module(s) using the Registration and Payment tutorial.

Course Registration

When registering for COS Online course on the NNU Portal remember the following:

Fall Session (AF 20**) begins in August.

Spring Session (AS 20**) begins in January

Summer Session (SA 20**) begin in May

Your registration gives the COS Online Director permission to provide your grades to your District Board of Ministerial Studies.  This applies only to the Northwest Education Zone and Districts which have requested grades be sent.