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  • If you are new to the program, or did not take a COS course summer term, please complete the Application and submit it.
  • If you are currently a COS Online student  DO NOT complete the application. Simply go to the NNU Portal (see below) and select your courses.

Please use the following link for applying for entry to the COS Online program.   (If you skip a term, please re-submit the application to renew your COS student status.)

Leave fields blank if you choose not to supply the requested information.  Required information is indicated by an asterisk (*).  COS Online application.

When the application has been processed you will receive instructions how to select your course(s) for the term.  

Course Registration

When registering for COS Online course on the NNU Portal remember the following:

Fall Session (AF 20**) begins in August.

Spring Session (AS 20**) begins in January

Summer Session (SA 20**) begin in May

Your registration gives the COS Online Director permission to provide your grades to your District Board of Ministerial Studies.  This applies only to the Northwest Education Zone and Districts which have requested grades be sent. 


Click here for Module Registration and Tuition Payment Tutorial