Getting Started

Getting Started

It is quite easy to begin your studies with us.

The first thing is to apply.

  • Applications are done only online. The Online Application Form is part of this website. Every COS Online student needs to complete and submit this form once.
  • Complete the Online Application Form and click the Submit button.  Within 2-4 business days you will be sent your username and password with instructions how to register for your modules(s). If you do not receive this, contact the Course of Study Program Coordinator at
  • If you have already completed the Application Form, you do not need to do so again unless you sit out a term. Proceed to the NNU Portal, login with the username and password you received when you applied.

Selecting courses and paying tuition.

  • Now you are ready to select your courses.
    • If you have never taken courses online it is wise to register for only 1 module. After you have mastered the way things are handled online, you might want to try more than one module at a time. You can take as many as 3 modules simultaneously, but it is not advised.
    • In selecting your modules(s) you will want to consult the Module Sequence page. Here you will find the order in which you should take the modules. You should complete Group 1 before moving to Group 2 and so on. Note the special instructions for the At-Large modules.
    • When you have determined which modules you wish to take go to the NNU Portal using the username and password you received when you applied and follow the instructions you found in the Registration and Payment tutorial.