Getting Started

Registration is open only a few weeks before the course modules begin, the start dates for the different modules are available on our Course Module Schedule page. Once registration opens, there will be several requirements that must be fulfilled:

  • Complete the one page online application and click "submit".
  • Within a few business days, you will be sent your username, password, and additional registration instructions.
  • After you have received your username and password email, follow the Registration and Payment Tutorial  to register for your course module(s).

Selecting and Registering for Modules

The design of the COS Online program into modules allows you to take COS course modules in any order you wish. However, if you would like some guidance, please see the suggestions below.

  • If you have never taken courses online, it is wise to register for only one course module. After you are comfortable with the online learning platform, you may choose to take more than one course module in a semester.
  • In selecting your course module(s) you may want to consult the Course Module Sequence page. Here you will find a suggested order for completing your NNU COS course modules. For example, you would complete Group 1 before moving to Group 2 and so on. Note the special instructions for the At-Large course modules.
  • When you have determined which course module(s) you wish to complete, proceed to the NNU Portal using the username and password emailed to you and follow the Registration and Payment tutorial.

If you need assistance, please contact Barbara Manley, at or (208)467-8538.