CSBL1021 Interpreting Scripture
A set of procedures by which to pursue the meaning of the text for its author and/or original audience and the ability to move from that original meaning to a contemporary application or contemporary significance is what this course module provides the student. Prerequisites:  Telling the New Testament Story of God and Telling the Old Testament of God.  This course module has 14 lessons.

CSBL1012 Telling the New Testament Story of God
This course module will introduce the student to the New Testament biblical literature, Bible study methods, and the environment of the Early Church. Special attention will be given to the political, cultural, religious, and geographical setting, the literary genre, and the meaning of the text in its original cultural, historical, and literary context for the purpose of discovering the principles of truth to be applied to our contemporary setting. This course module has 20 lessons.

CSBL1011 Telling the Old Testament Story of God
This course module is an introduction to the serious study of the Hebrew Scriptures in their historical, cultural and literary contexts. The course module emphasizes the essential contents, structure and theological message of the books of the Old Testament. Students are introduced to the practice of biblical exegesis and to the geography and archaeology of the lands of the Bible. This course module has 13 lessons.

CSBL1020 Tracing the Story of God in the Bible Through this biblical theology course module, students will learn to sort through the Bible's witness to God's involvement in the lives of people long dead to discern the timeless truths that should shape our understanding of God and life as his people. This is the only course module in the COS Online program requiring a textbook. New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (NDBT). IVP Academic, 2000. ISBN: 0-8308-1438-8. The module has 12 lessons.  Prerequisites:  This module should be taken only after students have taken the modules Telling the Old Testament Story of God, Telling the New Testament Story of God, and Interpreting Scripture.