CSPT1051 Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally
This course module acquaints the student with the fundamentals of Missiology, the theology of missions. Pastors must be knowledgeable of and sensitive to cultures other than their own in this rapidly diversifying world. This course module has 10 lessons.

CSPT1052 Communicating the Gospel in a Pluralistic World
In this course module students confront the ideology of religious pluralism from a Wesleyan-Arminian perspective. Religious pluralism claims that not only are there many religions, the diversity represents the way things ought to be. There exists no single religious perception of reality that is universally applicable and binding. No religion can legitimately claim to proclaim the truth for all persons. This course module has 12 lessons.

Communicating with Spoken and Written Language (not available online)
Fundamentals of English grammar and speech are addressed here.

CSPH1062 Living Ethical Lives
The moral implications of the Gospel and Christian character are key themes of this module. Special attention will be given to the unique way in which moral reflection has characterized the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. This course module has 20 lessons.

Supervised Ministry Experience(not available online)
This course module is presented and facilitated by District Boards of Ministerial Studies.