CSPT1011 Administering the Local Church
Here the prospective pastor is introduced to the art/science of Church Administration which is  a continual and intentional process that connects and uses gifts of individual believers to enable a particular congregation to win people to Christ and to build a spiritually healthy church. This course module has 20 lessons.

CSPT1053 Declaring the Gospel of God
The fundamentals of evangelism are considered in this course module and various approaches to evangelism are presented.  This course module has 12 lessons.

CSPT1054 Exploring Christian Ministry
The course module writer views the minister and the ministry from a biblical perspective, presents the ministry as a high calling demanding holy living and hard work, and encourages a hunger for and commitment to a lifetime of arduous study and patient ministry. This course module has 6 lessons and lasts 6 weeks.

CSPT1060 Foundations of Women's Ordination
This module is designed to give a multi-disciplinary view of the ordination of women in the Church of the Nazarene.  Broader biblical, historical and theological issues will be explored, with specific emphasis given to the Wesleyan-Holiness heritage.  Practical issues such as power dynamics, the importance of inclusive language, and modeling gender mutuality, as well as the practical aspects of mixed gender pastoral teams, co-pastoring, and family issues for women clergy are also discussed. This course has 15 lessons.

CSPT1061 Leading the People of God
The overarching vision for this course module is for each student to embrace the biblical model of servant as the driving force and organizing principle within the individual as he or she seeks to lead a Christian community of faith. This course module has 16 lessons.

CSPT1063 Practicing Wesleyan-Holiness Spiritual Formation
Spiritual formation is the transformational outworking of the grace of God in the hearts and actions of human beings. It includes Christian fellowship, community, and worship (Eph 4:15-16) as well as acts of service (Gal 6:10). This course module focuses primarily on the spiritual disciplines, devotional skills, and practices that open the door to the transforming Spirit. This course module has 20 lessons.

CSPT1042 Preaching the Story of God
The fundamentals of sermon preparation and presentation are addressed in this course module. Students are expected to produce and preach sermons in their local setting. This course module has 14 lessons.

CSCE1064 Providing Christian Education for all Ages
The course module is an introduction to the field of Christian education. This course module has 20 lessons.

CSPT1065 Shepherding God's People
In this course module the student is introduced to the fundamentals of pastoral counseling. This course module has 16 lessons.