Module Sequence

Students may take course modules in any order they wish. However, below is a suggested order of completion for those requesting additional guidance. Students should complete the course modules in Group 1 before moving on to Group 2. Group 2 should be completed before moving on to Group 3, and Group 3 should be completed before taking course modules in Group 4. Once Group 1 is completed, students are free to take modules from the At-Large Group as they work through the course modules in Groups 2, 3, and 4.

All modules are 12 weeks in length except for 1 module which is 6 weeks (CSPT1054 Exploring Christian Ministry).

Group 1

  • Communicating with Spoken and Written Language (not available)
  • Exploring Christian Ministry (6 weeks)
  • Telling the New Testament Story of God
  • Telling the Old Testament Story of God

Group 2

  • Examining Our Christian Heritage 1
  • Exploring John Wesley's Theology
  • Interpreting Scripture (prerequisites: Telling the NT Story of God & Telling the OT Story of God)
  • Tracing the Story of God in the Bible (prerequisites: Telling the OT Story of God, Telling the NT Story of God and Interpreting Scripture) (book required)

Group 3

  • Becoming A Holy People
  • Examining Our Christian Heritage 2
  • Investigating Christian Theology 1

Group 4

  • Investigating Christian Theology 2
  • Preaching the Story of God
  • Supervised Ministry Experience (offered through District Ministerial Study Boards--not NNU)

At Large

  • Administering the Local Church
  • Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally
  • Communicating the Gospel in a Pluralistic World 
  • Declaring the Gospel of God
  • Exploring Nazarene History and Polity
  • Foundations of Women's Ordination
  • Leading the People of God
  • Living Ethical Lives
  • Practicing Wesleyan-Holiness Spiritual Formation
  • Providing Christian Education for All Ages
  • Shepherding God's People